My name is Mike Mazz, and I am a graphic designer who specializes in Branding and Visual Identites. With a minimalistic and modern approach, I focus on bridging businesses into brands using both strategy and design.

Originally hailing from the East Coast of the U.S., my knack to get up and go has led me to travel the country and eventually make my new home here in the Midwest. I fully believe that change is the secret ingredient for overall betterment; In order to progress you must focus on what more you can do for yourself, and most importantly, for others.

That is why my work starts with you. I believe you and your story are first and foremost, and I want to help share it with the world.


My process has a foundation: Collaborate, Innovate, Differentiate. Through a strategy workshop, together we'll clarify your purpose, discover your true voice, and solidify your goals. This collaboration guides you and I to refine your business into an honest, authentic, and lovable brand that your audience will come to know and trust. As we move forward, your unique story will help set you apart from your competition.

There's no one else like you - let's celebrate that.

Using strategy as the bedrock, your design deliverables will express your personality, values, and resonate your voice to your audience. Your new identity system will be cohesive and consistent through and throughout every interaction, growing long lasting relationships for years to come; Building trust is bringing value to who you serve."


• Positioning
• Discovery
• Goal Definition
• Division
• Brand Attributes


• Logo Design
• Brand Identity
• Messaging
• Tone & Voice
• Art Direction

Case Studies

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