Hi, I’m Nick Barron. I grew up on a farm, but today I make a living using Facebook. So if when I was a young Missouri hayseed you bet on “Social Communications” as my future career, it’s time to collect your winnings.

Photo of Nick Barron, wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap, while holding his nephew Elon.

Nick with his nephew, Elon.

Today I live in Washington, DC, where I use technology to help businesses engage with their audiences. From LinkedIn to Snapchat, much of the tools we use in social communications didn’t exist 15 years ago. And much of the social media tools we use today won’t exist in another 15 years.

The pace of change can make it hard for leaders to know which social communications path makes the most sense for their business. That’s where I come in.

When I’m not determining if Snapchat fits into a social communications strategy, I’m often hiking or dreaming of hiking. As much as I love technology, I recharge by going into airplane mode and climbing a mountain or standing surrounded by tall trees in the forest.

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